• What is Chiropractic?

    Chiropractic is a primary healthcare profession that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions that are caused by issues with the joints, nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons of the spine and limbs (extremities). These conditions can cause discomfort, pain and affect a person’s quality of life.

    Chiropractic treatment involves safe, specific manipulation to joints of the spine and other joints of the body. Chiropractic also uses a variety of other techniques such as muscle-work and massage, stretching and exercise, along-side health, nutrition, posture and lifestyle advice so that you get the maximum benefits from your treatments. Your chiropractor will assess your body and posture and not solely focus on the area where you feel the symptoms. By doing this, the cause of your problem can be located and treated rather than simply treating the symptoms. Where necessary other diagnostic images may be needed (such as x-ray and MRI) and appropriate referrals will be arranged.

    Your body has a natural ability to heal itself; chiropractic encourages it to do so. Work with your chiropractor to be the healthiest you can be, naturally.